The Gallery

The Gallery at Neomodern, June 2017

The Gallery at Neomodern.

The walls of NEOMODERN are covered with examples of inspiring photography from exclusive private art collections. Also included are selected prints from our customers, which we occasionally feature when we discover something outstanding. * Info cards will note when prints in the gallery are for sale.

* If you allow us to sell your print, we will split the revenue with you.

The Collection

The permanent collection of Neomodern is selected from hundreds of modernist photographers—Ansel Adams, Cartier-Bresson, Kertesz, Callahan, Lavenson...

These works are constantly being rotated to best demonstrate modernist ways of seeing and photographing the people, events, and things around us. We believe that any person’s photo- graphic skills will improve just by spending time looking at these masterworks..

Amish Children Playing in the Snow, Lancaster, PA 1969, by George Tice

"Amish Children Playing in the Snow, Lancaster, PA" 1969, by George Tice

A new era in photography is beginning

The modernist movement in photography began in the early 1900s, when 35mm film was invented and camera ownership became more mainstream. Today, a hundred years later, film is gone and yet everyone has a camera in their pocket. Still, it took until 2017 before camera phone images were of high enough quality that they could be printed the way film was traditionally printed.

NEOMODERN believes that a photographic renaissance is just beginning, a new modernism—neomodernism—defined not by a nostalgic return to film and chemicals but by a revival of creative amateurs and hobbyists. Photography, now as ever, is about creating a beautiful physical object, a print, that will stand the test of time.