Neomodern was created to deliver the professional artists' workflow to consumers.


NEOMODERN is unique. It’s not a print service—we prefer you not leave with just a printed photo (it’s not particularly safe for the print). And it’s not a frame store—the only works framed are the photos printed here. And it’s not really an art gallery—the photographs on the walls, whether by customers or by famous photographers, are primarily to illustrate great work and photographic principles.

Some gallery pieces are for sale; the display changes constantly.

ALMA LAVENSON, Self Portrait (hands), 1932

ALMA LAVENSON, Self Portrait (hands), 1932

A new movement in photography is just beginning...

The modernist movement in photography began in the early 1900s, when 35mm film was invented and camera ownership became more mainstream. Today, a hundred years later, film is gone and yet everyone has a camera in their pocket. Still, it took until 2017 before camera phone images were of high enough quality that they could be printed the way film was traditionally printed. 

NEOMODERN believes that a photographic renaissance is just beginning, a new modernism—neomodernism—defined not by a nostalgic return to film and chemicals but by a revival of creative amateurs and hobbyists. Photography, now as ever, is about creating a beautiful physical object, a print, that will stand the test of time.


Michael Rubin
Founder & Chief Photo Officer

NEOMODERN was created by Michael Rubin. His pedigree swings wide, from making movies with Bernardo Bertolluci, to premastering CDs for the Grateful Dead, to developing the “paint-your-own pottery” studio industry, to years at Netflix. But through it all he’s been an amateur photographer. Last summer he left his Senior Innovator role at Adobe to focus on fine art photography. And then this happened.


Carlos Arrieta
Director of Operations & Senior Printmaster

“Senior Printmaster” is the single most important job at NEOMODERN. Carlos has spent most of the past decade leading the digital printing department at RayKo Photo Center. As an instructor, he’s educated hundreds of fine art photographers in the use of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop in printing high-quality artwork.  Not only a teacher and fine art photographer, but Carlos is also an expert in historical photographic processes like platinum, silver gelatin, and tintype printing.


Kristen Wrzesniewski
Production Manager & Printmaster

Kristen is an Oakland-based photographer who focuses on candid and radiant portraits of performers, revelers, friends and their children. Her professional career started in 2011 and has included commercial shoots for Bloomberg Markets and editorial for boutique clothing lookbooks. As a brand ambassador, she represented Lumix at events around the country, as well as years of experience as marketing and membership director at Photogroup Studios, in Austin, TX.


Arturo Oliva Pedrosa

Arturo is a professional photographer and expert in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. After attending Art Center of Design in Pasadena, Arturo began studying fine art photography in Paris. Moving to San Francisco in 2003, he began both commercial and fine art work. Most recently he has been printing and teaching at RayKo Photo Center. Classically trained in the darkroom, he uses what he has learned to enhance images on the computer.

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