Neomodern was created to deliver the professional artists' workflow to consumers.


When you care about your photograph, we are your team—Our fine art printers are ready to finish and frame your images, and available to work with you one-on-one, online, to retouch and improve your photos. The best way to make your image perfect is to work with you personally in the finishing.

NEOMODERN is unique. It’s not a print service—we don't just press a button or apply your image onto any object. We care deeply about photography and photographic prints. And it’s not a frame store—we only offer a few styles of high quality frames that are particularly suited for photography. And it’s not even an art gallery—the photographs we show, whether by customers or by famous photographers, are primarily to illustrate great work and photographic principles.


Michael Rubin
Founder & Chief Photo Officer

Rubin's pedigree swings wide: making movies with Bernardo Bertolluci; premastering CDs for the Grateful Dead; developing the “paint-your-own pottery” studio industry; years at Netflix... but through it all he’s been a passionate amateur photographer. Last summer he left his Senior Innovator role at Adobe to focus on his fine art photography. Even as he began to show and sell his work, the frustrations he experienced in printing and framing led to the creation of Neomodern in 2017. 

Carlos Bio.jpg

Carlos Arrieta
Director of Operations & Senior Printmaster

Carlos has spent most of the past decade leading the digital printing department at RayKo Photo Center. As an instructor, he’s educated hundreds of fine art photographers in the use of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop in printing high-quality artwork.  Not only a teacher and fine art photographer, Carlos is also an expert in historical photographic processes like silver gelatin, tintype, and platinum printing.


Madeline Dignadice


Madeline is a fine art photographer based in San Francisco. She graduated from the Academy of Art University with a degree in photography. Mainly shooting black and white negative film, Madeline's current work captures passing moments of bare intimacy and vulnerability. As well as being an accomplished digital printer, she is trained in the darkroom for silver gelatin printing. In her spare time, she enjoys making hand-bound books. She is inspired by photographers such as Ruth Bernhard, Bill Brandt & Francesca Woodman.


Maddie Shelton

Assistant Printmaster

Maddie is a fine art photographer based in San Francisco. She attended the Academy of Art University where she received a BFA in photography. She shoots 35mm color film, primarily capturing homes and architecture, driven by nostalgia and missing her birthplace in Colorado. She also has experience in black and white darkroom printing. Her photographic inspirations include William Eggleston and Stephen Shore. In her spare time she enjoys collaging, book making, and watching films.

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We are in the process of designing a page of video and audio clips that you can use to create a self-guided exploration through our gallery of photos.

Founder and Chief Photo Officer, Michael Rubin, talks about his favorite picture on display at Neomodern.

Rubin, talks about a George Tice image, "Amish Children Playing in Snow." 

Photographer and NEOMODERN printmaster Arturo Pedrosa walks us through his capture process of an image he recently printed, matted, and framed and is currently on display in our gallery.
Photographer Michael Rubin talks about his inspiration for grabbing his camera during a rare San Francisco lightning storm, the challenges of making a picture, and why he chose to have it framed at NEOMODERN.

Michael Rubin discusses how he captured one of his popular images while in Italy (2015), and highlights the importance of framing and letting the capture moment come to you.