Introducing John Gutmann

Up this weekend (and on display until around Thanksgiving) are a new group of photographs by photographer John Gutmann (1905-1998). Here's some background from wikipedia:


A painter turned photographer, Gutmann began working as a photojournalist in 1933. Being Jewish, in 1936 he fled Nazi Germany to the United States where he worked as a photographer for various German magazines. Gutmann's main subject matter was the American way of life, especially the Jazz music scene.  He enjoyed taking photos of ordinary things and making them seem special.

His images are mesmerizing; after years of looking at them, i never tire of his observations of America. Neomodern will be showing a half dozen prints from Gutmann's first portfolio.

Here's more information on Gutmann from SFMOMA and here is info from the International Center for Photography

Yes, Columbus Discovered America!", San Francisco, 1938

Yes, Columbus Discovered America!", San Francisco, 1938