Friends of Maasai Mara

 Gopala Krishnan, 2017

Gopala Krishnan, 2017


Since NEOMODERN opened this summer we've been interested in the various ways we've been starting to work with the community. Most recently we were excited to work with the Olive Seed Foundation, who have created a fundraiser for the "Friends of Massai Mara." Maasai photographer Gopala Krishnan donated some of his images to a charity auction being held in Palo Alto this evening, and NEOMODERN was able to contribute for the printing and framing.

This event supports the grassroots nonprofit Friends of Maasai Mara (FOMM), and their innovative work in wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship. FOMM is run entirely by members of the Maasai community in the village of Talek, on the edge of the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. By educating young people about conservation, FOMM is inspiring the next generation to love, respect, and become guardians of the natural world around them — vitally important in this age of increasing human-wildlife conflict and the tragic poaching crisis happening throughout Africa.

Prince Harris Taga and Amos Kipeen from FOMM will be at the Lucie Stern Community Center (1305 Middlefield Road) tonight from 5-10pm.