"Why the red sofa?"

I'm surprised how often this comes up. So here goes:

The red sofa is designed to re-imagine the neomodern logo—a graphic of black & white – with a splash of red. I hoped that when you looked around the salon, there'd be scenes that might remind you of our logo, without needing to plaster the logo everywhere.  So there are little shocking moments of red. The sofa. The lamp.

However, the real question you're possibly asking is why the red square in the logo? Originally, the square represented the red darkroom light. I spent my formative years bathed in that kind of light; it always balanced a kind of sexy-magic with a warmth of home. It was my tip o' the hat to photographers.

But now that i'm in the gallery, i find these flashes of red act as a reminder: color is great! I love black and white photography for many personal reasons, but even an old school photographer like me can step back and marvel at color. Neomodern embraces both greyscale and color photographs.