Portfolio: SF Conservatory of Flowers

This was a trip to the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park (Feb 12, 2017). Lots of people are there taking photos of all the gorgeous flowers and cool spaces, so i wondered if i could create some more unique images in the well-shot space.

NOTE: I've decided that when it comes to taking pictures, beginners shoot while they're moving, hobbyists stop moving for a moment to shoot, and experts wait.

I've found I can turn my mood around simply by taking pictures. Even if i'm grumpy (say, because I've been dragged somewhere I didn't want to go) photography engages me, gives me something to do, forces me to stop and look when i might otherwise not be paying attention. I like the pictures from this afternoon in part because i tried a few different kinds of visual styles: backlighting, short and long depth of fields, color and black-and-white, abstract and realistic. Photography as a hobby is very much like an augmented reality (AR) videogame: looking through the device as you interact with the world, seeing what you can collect along the way, keeping yourself entertained and challenged. As you get better, it gets more fun.

Here are a few images from the ten I printed. The rest are here.