Losing Memories


I was cleaning up tonight and came across this photograph of my son, who turned 18 last week. I always loved this picture and had pinned it up for the first decade of his life. But it's fading, and i'm bummed. Back in the day, it was printed by some photo printing service on quality paper.

But it wasn't done archivally. And it won't last.

Luckily, I've got the negative, and so i can scan it and make a new print with archival, non-fading, permanent kinds of materials. Which is exactly what we do at Neomodern. We make this available to everyone.

But honestly, it would have been better if i started there, and that the print that i've had up on wall for all the years was the one i put away for his kids to have. It's not just about the image, it's about the object.

Neomodern has been open for six months now, but it's in moments like tonight that I'm reminded why it's so important not only to print our best photos, but to do so in ways that will last.