Uniting Mind, Body and Spirit
by photographer Nigel Barker

We are identical twins living on the opposite sides of the country, separated by distance, but intrinsically joined in spirit in everything we do. We are wives, mothers, yogis and working women living each day one breath at a time. Together we share in our triumphs and comfort each other in our defeats, we aim to inspire the other's strengths and to support the others weaknesses, we nurture one another as we grow and help conquer fear when it gets in the way. Together we are stronger than two separate parts. 

This link we share as twins exists between all of us. We are all joined to one another in a visceral way, we can make those connections real, and make those bonds complete by setting the intention to honor the thread that weaves through humankind. With ChinTwins, we hope to awaken that connection that unites us all by shining a light on the truth that exists within each and every one of us.



I live and work in New York with my husband Nigel Barker and our two children, Jack and Jasmine. Motherhood has shaped my life into a universe with multiple suns, my yoga practice has given me the ability to revolve in peace around them all. In the mid 1990’s, like Kimmy, I traveled the world working and living in Milan, Paris, and London as a fashion model. I settled in New York City and as Nigel launched his photography career, I joined him on the other side of the camera as a Make up Artist. We loved collaborating together and creating images that moved people. In the early 2000’s I traveled the country working on the make over show “Next Stop New You” on Lifetime, I loved meeting and hearing the amazing stories from women whose beauty I was honored to empower with my brush.  In 2005 Nigel and I embarked on our most important project the day we became parents. Now in my 40’s, I manage our photography business, raise our two children, and dedicate myself to a regular yoga practice enjoying the process of teaching. When Kimberly and I created ChinTwins we had no idea this journey would connect us with so many people, we love spreading our passion for yoga and sharing how it has enriched our everyday lives. As I practice and teach yoga my goal is to break through boundaries that keep us from knowing and sharing our true selves. Through self discovery we can spread our wings and fly to new heights. 


I live in coastal Alabama with my husband and three children, Maya, Roman and India. After many years of living in Milan, Paris, London and New York City and working all over the world as a fashion model, I decided to move back to my home town to start and raise my family. The transition from high fashion to stay at home mom felt natural and just as exciting.  Being a mother has been the most rewarding and challenging experience of my life and maintaining my yoga practice as I move through different phases of my life has given me tools of self-care that help keep me whole. I'm very involved in my local community and have learned that the more you give the more you get back. I have found that I love teaching ballet and creative movement to young children and helping them discover the joy of self-expression. I lead "mommy and me" yoga classes for new mothers and their babies, facilitating them to bond as they move and breathe together as one. In my adult and teen yoga classes I work to create a safe space where people can recharge and connect to themselves both physically and mentally.  ChinTwins has grown organically, beginning as a way for Crissy and me to stay connected and to share our separate journeys as one.  By sharing our lives and our connection to each other we continue to learn more about ourselves and all of those around us.


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Nigel is an internationally renowned photographer who opened his New York studio in 1996. He served 17 seasons as photographer and judge on the hit TV show, America’s Next Top Model, which airs in over 140 countries, and hosted Oxygen Network’s modeling competition series, The Face, starring alongside Naomi Campbell. Barker’s latest hit show Top Photographer premiered to rave reviews and a second season is in the works.

Barker’s presence in the fashion and entertainment industry has resulted in an array of exciting projects including the creation of his own furniture line the NB1 & NB2 Collections available exclusively at Art Van Furniture. He is also a Founder and partner in the new NYC gym, The DOGPOUND.

Barker has directed and produced films, documentaries and commercials for Hollywood clients to international charitable organizations and was awarded the “Film Heals” Award for Humanitarianism at the 6th Annual Manhattan Film Festival for Dreams Are Not Forgotten. Using the power of photography and motion pictures he has been able to spread his humanitarian message to vast audiences through films, PSA’s and traveling exhibitions. He has worked with several charitable organizations including The Humane Society of the United States, The Humane Society International, Make A Wish Foundation, The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation (of which he is a board member), The Edeyo Foundation (board member) and the USO where he serves as a digital advisory committee member.

Drawing upon his 20+ years of experience in the fashion and beauty industries, he has two books—The Beauty Equation, published by Abrams, and his latest book, New York Times Best Seller Models of Influence published by Harper Collins. Nigel currently lives in New York with his wife and renown Yogi, Cristen AKA @ChinTwins and their two children Jack and Jasmine.