A Creative Afternoon...

This is a unique team event. All guests will learn about photography and photographic history, get close with museum prints from the masters, bond with teammates over the creative process, and leave a few hours later with a professionally framed print of their own artwork.


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Spend some time up close with the Neomodern art collection—Adams, Cartier-Bresson, Kertesz, Callihan... hear stories about the art and how to make your own photos better from looking at these masterworks. 



Each member of your group will select a few images from their personal photography to propose for printing. Printmasters will work with the group to refine the selections and discuss how fine art photos are judged and edited. 


Selected images are refined with a Printmaster, concierge printed, and custom matted and framed with the group's hands-on participation. By the end of the visit every guest has a completed, framed, print of their own photography.

Events are between 2-3 hours, depending on group size.

Call for reservations and pricing.