What is Neomodern?

Neomodern is professional photographic service that offers printing, matting and framing services on demand; the company specializes in high-quality products for a range of enthusiasts (from consumers and hobbyists to professionals) while delivering ease and peace of mind through the entire creative process. 


HOW does a concierge service work?

Many people say that the most fun part of Neomodern is the collaboration in the finishing of your image. Our expert printmasters are also professional photographers. So they are well-versed in how to crop and adjust photos to maximize artistic potential. You simply upload your photo and then (if you’d like) schedule an appointment to work online with the printmaster one-on-one to make creative decisions together, and get exactly what you want. Alternately, you can simply leave a note for the printmaster to let them make choices for your prints based on their expertise.


Why do you only offer 4 sizes of FRAME?

In working with galleries as well as clients like you, we’ve found that these four sizes fit well with the vast majority of consumer photographic needs and the resolutions provided by their phones. Limited, but refined selection allows us to complete projects fast, while balancing the highest quality with unusual affordability. (If you need a custom size or project, we’d be happy to work with you on a special project basis.)

We don't want you to stress out about the SIZE of the photograph, so we don’t charge for inches of print size; our pricing is solely based on the size of the frame. We custom cut the mat to perfectly fit your unique photograph. We want the photo to be a size that looks good in the chosen frame, and you can decide that with us. 

Our smallest (8x8) size is specially designed for square Instagram images, but the other three are flexible in supporting whatever size photo you have.


Why do you only Offer one style of frame?

Each NEOMODERN print comes with a simple museum-quality frame so your photograph, not the frame, stand out. Choose between white or black. That’s it. We found that it's too easy to become paralyzed with framing options, and there are many combinations of frame size, mat thickness and style, acrylic quality, and so forth: we chose one very high-quality path to make the process easier.


Our experts are familiar with all the various forms of fine art papers for photography (and there are many) that vary in terms of surface (glossy, semigloss, mat), weight, tooth, color, and so forth. We exclusively use Hahnemühle Photo Rag Bright White for our matte prints. Hahnemuhle is world-know for their guaranteed archival standards. The paper is widely used by professional and fine art photographers for exhibitions and limited edition prints. It produces very clean whites and consistent strong colors, and has a luxurious weight and surface.

For our semi-gloss option, we exclusively use Ilford Gallerie Prestigue Gold Fibre Silk. This paper has a natural photographic white tint to produce prints with superb color gamut, perfect for skin tones. The Ilford features a wide color gamut and imitates the look of traditional silver halide photo paper. The paper's weight provides a heavy, professional quality medium.

Now that we’ve narrowed down your options to two, it really depends on your design style and the photo itself. Statistically, our clients tend to print their color images on the semigloss, and their black-and-white images on the rag matte. But not always. Sometimes you want all your photos consistent. Many art photographers always use one kind of paper for everything. If want, we’ll help you select.



The concierge work with you tends to take 5-15 minutes per photo. Our printing and framing take another 15 minutes. If you come into our gallery in San Francisco, you can not only work with the printmaster in person, but watch your print get mounted and framed. You can literally walk in with your phone and walk out with a finished framed piece.

When you work online, this still happens, but it won’t ship out until the next day. No rush orders. We’re just that fast.