If you’re gonna go through the trouble to printing an image you’ve taken, you might as well do it in a way that will not fade, put it in a frame that will keep it safe, and mostly, recognize that your wall space is limited and it should be in a reusable frame.

Photography museums deal with this all the time—reusable frames mean that photos are archivally mounted and matted as a single unit. It’s this unit that is put in and out of frames carefully, but with relative ease.  


NEOMODERN frames are designed for this. We don’t put a backing on—which is clean looking, but not practical. Flexible pins are practical. Inserted into the wood frame at Neomodern, matted prints are placed into frames and pinned there. Pins can be bent to release the mat for safe-keeping, and another mat can be put in its place. Regardless of photo size, the standardization of mats makes display much easier and visually consistent.