NEOMODERN is a local gallery of fine-art photography; where we juxtapose works by regular people discovered on Instagram along side classical works by the masters of photography—Adams, Cartier-Bresson, Kertesz.

We select our favorite works from San Francisco-based Instagram photographers; print and frame them museum-quality, and make them available for sale in our gallery on Union Street, where we share the revenues with the photographer.

(For more on how to get selected, read below)



Works Recently on Display

 Katie Hughes,  Camden Harbor, Maine,  2017

Katie Hughes, Camden Harbor, Maine, 2017

 Untitled, 2017

Untitled, 2017

 Sam Teicher,  Katsura River near Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Kyoto,  2017

Sam Teicher, Katsura River near Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, 2017

Maybe not every picture you take is great, but everyone has some truly great pictures.
— Neomodern founder, Michael Rubin
 Chris Castagnola,  Gooselake, July 4th,  2017

Chris Castagnola, Gooselake, July 4th, 2017

How To Get Discovered

Don't contact us directly, or submit portfolios. While we sometimes host contests, this isn't a contest. Simply follow NEOMODERNsf on Instagram and we’ll follow you back. We make selections by going through our feed. If you really don't want us to miss an image, tag photos with #neomodernsf and we’re more likely to see (and thus, consider) them.

We’ll notify you if your photo is selected to get your permission and sales price. If your photo is selected, we’ll offer it for sale at any price you chose. Photos will remain on display for anywhere from weeks to months, depending on our rotating curation of pieces.




*We select works primarily from amateur photographers. And by “amateur” we don’t mean amateurish, but rather, doing it for the love of it.



Seasonally, NEOMODERN holds thematic contests through our account on Instagram. We print and frame the winners, and they are available in the gallery.

The theme for May's contest is "San Francisco." How to capture this place in time, in particular, a place so photographed and iconic. We live here. Millions visit all the time. How do we see it uniquely? Be thinking about this question while we prepare to gather your submissions.

The winning images will be on display at NEOMODERN, and the artist will get to keep the prints and frames of their work. We'll also curate a book of winning images that will be available: "San Francisco"