1.  Take a SF picture:  A photo that represents your vision of what San Francisco feels like or is like to you.  You can edit however you see fit.  

2. Submit your entry and pay your entry fee

Be sure to share your submission using hashtags.  Entries are judged on a mix of creativity and number of likes, so spread the word.  


Gallery Show: it is NEOMODERN's mission to provide photographic artists an opportunity to showcase their work and make to direct connections to our photographic loving patrons and our gallery is a great way to make that happen. If chosen, your work will be displayed on our gallery walls at our flagship store in San Francisco.  

Winners of the Categories, Most likes, Best of Show, and Peer Winner, will be highlighted on a prominent position in our gallery, describing the artist and their work, as well as being able to sell their piece.  

Book of the Show:  Winners will receive a free copy of the "Love SF" book created from the show entries

Social Media Boost: Winners will get a featured post on all the NEOMODERN social media accounts with the option to appear in a video describing their work.

  • Upload your images

    Any size, any file format
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  • Credit Card
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Categories & Voting Process

How To Enter

We have three categories in which your images are eligible to win. 

  • Most Likes (based on sharing, use of hashtag, and not using any nots or like helping programs)
  • Best of Show (Our owner, an avid photographer and collector, will select what he thinks to be the best of show)
  • Peer Winner (Votes based on other participants)