NEOMODERN is not "just a frame store" but a unique high-quality service set-up to help you make your images the best they can be.  All of our staff are photographers and we have the tools and ability to help you make gorgeous works from your pictures that you will be proud to hang on your walls.


Just choose the images you want  to work with and send them in.  When you come to Union Street we'll already have them. Just give us your name and we can begin editing together.  


DIFFERENT ways to Work WIth Us

OPTION 1: Just Walk in 

Bring your images that you would like to work on with us anytime during our business hours.  They can be from any source (phone, thumbdrive, DSLR, hard drive, scanner) or from a social media account you have access to (facebook, instagram, snapchat).  Not sure how to do this? We're more than happy to help!  


OPTION 2: Make an Appointment

Everyone has limited time, and to ensure that you don't have to wait for our creative 1-on-1 service, you can make an appointment.  It's free and easy! On the image upload form, just choose collaborate and pick a date and time. 

A Creative Streamlined Workflow

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Personal Creative Services

Whether you have general questions, need help selecting images, or advice on creative editing, our experts guide you throughout the entire process. Our goal is to work with you to create something that both inspires you and is designed to last. 

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Museum QualitY Materials

We print your photographs using museum-quality pigments and paper. Our professional-level frames use custom cut thick window mats and UV-blocking acrylic to ensure a lasting piece you will be proud to show.

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TAKE IT HOME TodaY, (or) IT SHipS Tomorrow

It's exciting to finally complete that memorable piece. Whether in-store or online, your NEOMODERN artwork is completed in about 30 minutes. For online customers, we ship your piece the next business day. 

While the NEOMODERN experience is similar both online and in-person, the following are things you only experience in-store. 


Visit our free museum gallery

The walls of NEOMODERN are covered with authentic examples of inspiring photography from exclusive private art collections. The permanent collection of NEOMODERN is selected from hundreds of modernist photographers—Ansel Adams, Cartier-Bresson, Kertesz, Callahan, Lavenson... just to name a few.  Also included are selected prints from our customers, which we occasionally feature when we discover something outstanding. It might be yours.

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See the Process

At NEOMODERN, we take you through the entire creative process to achieve your finished piece. We aren't shy, and you can see how we complete your order by hand and with great care.  

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Signing Station

It can be enormously satisfying to sign the artwork you've created as a nice finishing touch before it's matted and framed. It's also sometimes applicable to write a special message to your loved ones, visible on the print or hidden underneath the window mat.