NEOMODERN offers professional archival prints, mats, and frames, handmade with you. We have four frame sizes and two colors (black or white). Pricing is for the entire process, from selecting and printing through framing.

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           LARGE (20x24) ......$295   |   MEDIUM (16x20) ...... $195   |   SMALL (11x14) .....$165 | MINI (8x8) …… $125

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Every project includes concierge print optimization, archival printing, 4-ply white cotton mats, wood framing, and museum-grade UV-protecting acrylic glazing.

All project sizes available in both black and white

 Helpful Tip: We've found many customers opt for color photos in white frames on semi-gloss paper; black-and-white photos in black frames on matte paper.

Do you need advice on how large your image can be printed (image resolution)? Or aren't sure about what image to print and frame?  Our expert staff can assist you with these and any other photographic questions you might have. 

 LARGE DIPTYCH (20x24) PROJECT......$345

LARGE DIPTYCH (20x24) PROJECT......$345

Additional Variations

While most projects leave NEOMODERN as museum-quality framed prints, we do offer a number of options:

  • Small prints (8 x 10 sheets) $25

  • Large prints (13 x 19 sheets) $55

  • Printing & 11x14 matting $130

  • Printing & 16x20 matting $150

  • Printing & 20x24 matting $200

  • Large Diptych (a pair in 20x24) $345

  • Small Diptych (a pair in 16x20) $245

  • Packing and shipping, $39 (within the continuous USA)

  • High Resolution negative or print scans $50


(While optimization in Adobe Lightroom is included, special Photoshop retouching, if requested, is billed separately at $25/quarter hour.)



NEOMODERN gift cards make for a perfect lasting gift that people will truly cherish. Give the gift of art.