What to Print?

Deciding exactly what to put on your wall in a frame is a challenging question: we've found that the larger an image is to be printed, the greater the anxiety about whether or not it's "good enough." Helping you with this is what we do best.

At NEOMODERN we bring a professional eye to your photos. We look at images aesthetically, and our feedback, based on years of experience, can help winnow a large number of great shots into a selected few that are both meaningful and beautiful. It's not uncommon for our printmasters to go through dozens of vacation pictures or wedding shots to help you make these selections.

Frequently there's a question as to whether a digital image has the resolution and quality to be enlarged. The answer involves the unique combination of pixels, optics, lighting, compression, and post production. We will tell you once we see an image just how large it can be without breaking up or getting muddy. It's possible to upload your photo to our servers (for free) and send us a note to check. Even before you come to NEOMODERN we can take a look at your images and give you some initial feedback.