Our job is not simply to print your image from a computer; perhaps the most important way we work with customers is through helping people decide which of their many images are worth printing. What will stand the test of time? What is not only sentimental but beautiful. We are happy going through stacks of pictures, from weddings and vacations, of pets and children. We have strong opinions about what constitutes a fantastic photograph from an average one, and we are happy to give advice. We also make suggestions about the best size to print an image, both based on the content and the quality of the file: there's more to ideal sizing than megapixels.

And finally, yes, working on your image is a collaborative process—there is no single "best" version: it depends on you, on what you'd like to say or show, your mood, and so on. We'll show you what we think is good, but it's not done until you like it.


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Tuesday-Saturday: 11 to 6 for Gallery and Walk-ins (Printmaster reservations available from 10-7)

Sunday: Noon to 5

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Our Location: 1898 Union Street