What to Print?

Deciding exactly what to put on your wall in a frame is a challenging question: we've found that the larger an image is to be printed, the greater the anxiety about whether or not it's "good enough." Helping you with this is what we do best.

At NEOMODERN we bring a professional eye to your photos. We look at images aesthetically, and our feedback, based on years of experience, can help winnow a large number of great shots into a selected few that are both meaningful and beautiful. It's not uncommon for our printmasters to go through dozens of vacation pictures or wedding shots to help you make these selections.

Frequently there's a question as to whether a digital image has the resolution and quality to be enlarged. The answer involves the unique combination of pixels, optics, lighting, compression, and post production. We will tell you once we see an image just how large it can be without breaking up or getting muddy. It's possible to upload your photo to our servers (for free) and send us a note to check. Even before you come to NEOMODERN we can take a look at your images and give you some initial feedback.



Take a few moments to leave a little personalized something here.

Take a few moments to leave a little personalized something here.

At NEOMODERN we have a signature station with a number of writing instruments. Signing your work is actually important. It's part of the personalization of your project. Most photographers sign their work on the paper below the image. Artists are divided, however, on whether to display that signature or not—there are ample examples of each. And we offer both options in the matting: space for a visible signature, or none. 

It's certainly more modest to hide your signature under the mat.


An invisible note is intriguing

You can hide many things under the mat: A little message of love from parents to their newborn child. Written and sealed into the frame, perhaps not to be discovered for years... decades... it could be like a buried treasure, to be revealed at some long distant time. A time capsule found by your descendants. Or maybe it's much closer. Perhaps it becomes an object of family lore: your newborn knows to open the frame on her 21st birthday. Or 50th. You can put a secret here. A poem. We give you space and materials to do this before we frame. It creates an object like no other.



The walls of NEOMODERN are covered with examples of inspiring photography from exclusive private art collections. Also included are selected prints from our customers, which we occasionally feature when we discover something outstanding. * Info cards will note when prints in the gallery are for sale. 

We won't just show any cool photograph. We want to both celebrate the great work from our customers and want display exemplary pieces that will inspire and instruct other photographers to creating their own best work.

* If chosen and with your permission, we will sell your piece and evenly split the revenue with you.


The permanent collection of Neomodern is selected from hundreds of modernist photographers—Ansel Adams, Cartier-Bresson, Kertesz, Callahan, Lavenson... 


Masterworks currently on display


John Gutmann



Andres Kerstez

Meudon, 1928

Arnold Newman

Igor Stravinsky, 1946


[A short video about this image.]


George Tice

Amish Children in the Snow, 1969


[A short video about this image.]

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Museum, Naples, 1963

Our Masterworks are constantly being rotated to best demonstrate modernist ways of seeing and photographing the people, events, and things around us. We believe that any person’s photographic skills will improve just by spending time with and looking at these classic pieces. 

We are in the process of designing a page of video and audio clips that you can use to create a self-guided exploration through our gallery of photos.

Founder and Chief Photo Officer, Michael Rubin, talks about his favorite picture on display at Neomodern.

Rubin, talks about a George Tice image, "Amish Children Playing in Snow." 

Photographer Michael Rubin talks about his inspiration for grabbing his camera during a rare San Francisco lightning storm, the challenges of making a picture, and why he chose to have it framed at NEOMODERN.
Photographer and NEOMODERN printmaster Arturo Pedrosa walks us through his capture process of an image he recently printed, matted, and framed and is currently on display in our gallery.

Michael Rubin discusses how he captured one of his popular images while in Italy (2015), and highlights the importance of framing and letting the capture moment come to you.