a conversation that will change the way you think about your pictures

EVERYDAY PHOTOGRAPHY (Every Day!) is a short conversational podcast that offers guidance & inspiration for non-professional photographers. Hosted by Suzanne Fritz-Hanson and Michael Rubin, we follow an enthusiastic novice (Suzanne) as she digs into her iPhone, with practical and sometimes philosophical guidance from an expert (Rubin).

We all walk around with professional quality cameras in our pockets. New features even automatically make our snapshots better; but camera software and Instagram filters can only do so much. The missing ingredient is a little wisdom. So you’ll get tips, projects, some philosophy, and a bit of history, and in no time your pictures will go from “good enough” to “amazing.”



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Our Music: Mitchel Forman

In 1991 I lived near jazz pianist Mitchel Forman. I was interested in experimenting with some home video concepts and asked him to play a song that I could videotape. I was shooting using a ginormous s-VHS camcorder, and this was the home music video I created from that session. The s-VHS tape was disintegrating even as I pulled the last bits of signal off of it. This is all that remains of the session.

In the video, Mitchel improvises a song which, eight years later, after seeing the video, added to one of his albums. It was released as "A Deeper Dream."

In the mid-90s I asked him to compose a riff that I could use in a commercial for Petroglyph, which he did, but we never ended up making any commercials. But i always liked it… that’s how this music came to EVERYDAY PHOTOGRAPHY. Mitchel currently on a world tour…