#23 Are Your Pictures Any Good?

Photowalks Rock! It’s fun and nicely instructive to watch other photographers do what they do - see what interests them and catches their eye. Even if you miss something, once a cool subject is pointed out, it’s great to explore how you’d compose a photo around it, and see how others do the same. I’m a new convert!

Even if you only take pictures occasionally, a lot can be gleaned from the experiences of people who walk around with cameras and take pictures all the time — specifically about how to approach a subject (person or object) and begin to compose, but also about what’s okay to shoot: can you just point a camera at a person on the street? Do you walk around with a camera out, or do you pull it out when you see something? How does one “prepare” for catching a random moment?

A few of my pictures from the photowalk, Oct 28, from Neomodern to Ft. Mason.

A few selects from the folks on the photowalk in SF:

I’d note that in almost all cases, these images look as nice as they do as a result of some post-processing — burning and dodging, bringing up low values, etc. As Ansel Adams said so well, great photos are made, not shot.

by Rich

by Sam

by Gian Marco Vanzo

by Wesley

by Vicky Ross (IG @vickys._photos)

by Sam

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