#38 Now, With Even More Zen!

Thorn, Santa Cruz (2016)

Thorn, Santa Cruz (2016)


  • Photo-Yoga.com (relax, center, and stretch your photographic skills. Namaste.)

    • relax. Photography is about getting out into the world and enjoying life as it happens. center. Photography is about finding out about who you are and focusing on the world around you. stretch. PhotoYoga is about stretching yourself and your photographic skills to capture your creativity within the frame.

ZEN IN THE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY, first published in 1969, captures the joy of photographing and the meaningfulness of the pursuit of photography for the photographer and culture at large. It is not a book about how to take a good photograph. In the broadest sense, ZEN IN THE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY is a poetic ode on photographing with an open heart/awareness that is saying thank you to life itself. As such, the text expresses and explores in simple words the connection between and the relationship of the photographer to the subject in the lens in the Decisive Moment when the shutter is released.

  • Zen Photography book/blog, by Eric Kim — From his preface:

If you’ve ever felt frustration, anger, or anxiety when it comes to your photography, this book is for you. Personally, I’ve felt a lot of envy, jealousy, and negative emotions in photography. Photography became less about expressing my inner-spirit, and more about impressing others.

Through my personal photographic journey, I’ve learned how to “Zen out” in my photography. For me, photography has become less about making photos, and more about finding inner-calm, peace, and tranquility.

This book is an attempt for me to share some of my personal Zen philosophies when it comes to photography and life, and to provide some useful tips or insights, which I hope can help you in your personal journey.

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