#39 Your Composition “Asana”

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 6.57.54 PM.png

This kind of exercise is designed to practice composing objects in a frame. As you move around a set of objects, the various compositions depend entirely on the objects themselves (For instance, in image 1, I wanted to see the corner of the Viewmaster and the end of the slide rule. I liked the wheels of the train along the side, and i hoped to get the top of the Viewmaster in frame, but when i tried i didn’t like the sliderule in the foreground.

Composition is often wiggling around, adjusting position, to fit the things in the frame in interesting ways, sometimes massaging them into place with small motions.

This exercise pushes you to think about what you want to show as more important, and what literally looks interesting or dynamic. By moving the camera position, often in very subtle ways, the focus and meaning of the image shifts, you can start to feel how your eye hone in on different points in the image and how it holds your attention in that first instant.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 7.00.38 PM.png
IMG_5381 3.JPG

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