#69 Storytelling with Photos: Meet Stephanie Heimann

Photography at THE NEW REPUBLIC magazine: https://newrepublic.com/tags/photography

Danny Wilcox Frazier /VII for  The New Republic   (insta: @dannywilcoxfrazier)

Danny Wilcox Frazier/VII for The New Republic

(insta: @dannywilcoxfrazier)

Amy Lombard  for  The New Republic   (insta: @amylombard)

Amy Lombard for The New Republic

(insta: @amylombard)

Stephanie Heimann

Stephanie Heimann

Stephanie Heimann is the the Photo Director for The New Republic based in NYC. She has garnered several awards for the magazine, including a 2018 National Magazine Award nomination for feature photography and the 2017 Magazine Picture Editor of the Year Award from the NPPA. She has worked on many international and domestic magazines and was Al Gore’s photo editor on the sequel to his book Inconvenient Truth. Her career began as a photojournalist covering post-Soviet culture and the first war in Chechnya, and she spent almost ten years as an expatriate photo editor based in Moscow, Hong Kong, and Europe.

(from https://fence.photoville.com/jury/stephanie-heimann/)

ON THE WALL of Stephanie Heimann…

Stanley Greene, “ CHECHNYA ” Grozny, Tchétchénie, 1995

Stanley Greene, “CHECHNYA” Grozny, Tchétchénie, 1995

Thomas Dworzak/Magnumphotos
CHECHNYA, Grozny. 7/1996. The shrapnel-splattered wall of the Central Exhibition Hall.

Vincent Cianni, “Fourth of July fireworks, Water Street, Newburgh, New York” (2016)

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